Tell Congress to oppose government price setting and support innovation for patients!

As we speak, lawmakers in Washington DC are finalizing a reconciliation bill that will devastate America’s innovative biopharmaceutical industry – dealing a $300 billion dollar blow to the sector that has saved millions of lives and is working tirelessly to end the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Efforts by Congress to impose government price setting in Medicare will result in fewer research and development dollars going toward groundbreaking treatments for patients with life-limiting and fatal conditions.

Even worse, the proposed legislation will likely lead to the loss of over 590,000 jobs across the country – dealing a devastating blow to our economy and to families everywhere.

In Illinois, this means a direct biopharma job loss of almost 6,000 jobs – a devastating toll to our economy.

This policy will chill future investment in next-generation cures for patients in need. Tell Congress to oppose government price setting on American biopharmaceutical innovation.

[Use the tool to the right to contact your elected officials via email and tell them that government price setting harms innovation. Feel free to add your personal story to your message, which will help get your representative’s attention.  It’s also important to use your home address, being a constituent of the representative is powerful in the conversation.]