3D-Printed Implants that Repair Tissues and Organs Moving Towards FDA Approval

CHICAGO, Illinois, USA – November 10, 2020 – Dimension Inx, a next-generation biofabrication company developing regenerative medical implants that repair tissues and organs, announced that it has raised $3.175M to close its Series Seed financing round, led by KdT Ventures, a leading early-stage science venture firm, along with Better Ventures and Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund participating.

The financing will support the commercial development and FDA approval of the company’s first therapeutic implants for facial reconstruction in patients following trauma as well as those with dental malformations due to congenital defects or aging. The company expects to complete preclinical studies for FDA 510(k) submission next summer.

Dimension Inx utilizes a patented materials design and manufacturing platform to create 3D-printed implants for tissue repair and regeneration. The technology platform overcomes existing challenges in biomaterials and additive manufacturing, enabling important compositional and microstructural features not otherwise commercially feasible.

“Dimension Inx is the materials specialist of 3D bioprinting,” said Phil Grayeski of KdT Ventures. “Their approach to commercialization and regulatory approval is elegant and pragmatic, with each new product demonstrating the capabilities of their materials and informing the development and validation of their platform across broader and more complex applications in regenerative medicine. We believe the bioprinting world will be built upon the scaffolds Dimension Inx is creating, and we’re thrilled to be supporting this company.”

The company is led by CEO Caralynn Nowinski Collens, M.D., who previously led innovation accelerator UI LABS, and by CTO Adam Jakus, Ph.D., and CSO Ramille Shah, Ph.D., who spun Dimension Inx’s platform technology out of Northwestern University.

“We are incredibly fortunate to partner with investors who support our big vision and appreciate our pragmatic approach to the market, while also understanding the deep science involved in getting there,” said Dr. Collens. “We’re looking forward to advancing the science and expanding our strategic partnerships to address a much broader set of surgical applications.”

About Dimension Inx

Dimension Inx is an emerging leader in biofabrication, the next frontier in medicine. Its 3D-Painting Materials Design and Manufacturing System offers the versatility, manufacturability, and affordability necessary for widespread adoption of regenerative medical products that fundamentally change how we treat human disease and debilitation. The Dimension Inx team brings expertise in materials science and tissue engineering to partner with the world’s best clinicians and surgeons and leading medical products companies to deliver new medical solutions to patients.

About KdT Ventures

KdT Ventures is the standard for early-stage science venture investing, helping founders and their companies re-architect the world at a molecular level. KdT Ventures uses its expertise across multiple disciplines and industries to invest in and support meaningful teams applying computation to chemical and biological systems, including companies like PathAI, Dyno, Solugen, Checkerspot and 54Gene.


Header Image:  Dr. Ramille Shah and Dr. Adam Jakus, co-founders and the inventors of Dimension Inx platform technology. Ramille is handling a jar of Hyperelastic Bone – synthetic bone biomaterial; and Adam is handling a 3D-printed structure (in the shape of a pelvis) made of Hyperelastic Bone