Last week Governor Pritzker signed HB HB 1779 that would require state-regulated plans to cover biomarker testing starting in 2022.

The bill was introduced by Representative Mary Flowers (D-31st) in the House and Senator Antonio Muñoz (D-1st) in the Senate.

“HB1779 will enable more patients to benefit from biomarker testing, an essential step in accessing precision medicine treatments,” said Shana Crews of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network in a statement. “Dubbed ‘the right treatment, to the right patient, at the right time,’ precision medicine plays a critical role in improving cancer outcomes. With this first-in-the-nation law, more Illinoisans will be able to benefit from the latest advances in cancer treatment.”

By signing HB 1779, Governor Pritzker has provided Illinois with the most comprehensive coverage for biomarker testing for all Illinois patients. IBIO was proud to support this important legislation lead by the American Cancer Society and we commend the leadership of Governor Pritzker, Representative Mary Flowers and Senator Antonio Muñoz for addressing this important issue in Illinois.