Department: HHS, Administration for Children and Families

Grant number:

Funding: Up to $400,000 per project

Deadline: August 5, 2018

Description: The Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Community Services (OCS) will award approximately $2.4 million in Community Economic Development Focus on Social Enterprises (CED Social Enterprise) program funds, up to $400,000 maximum per project in FY 2019. CED Social Enterprise program funds will be awarded to experienced Community Development Corporations (CDCs) for well planned, financially viable, and innovative projects sponsoring social enterprise incubators. These incubators will develop new products, services, and commercial activities that result in new positions for individuals with low incomes, while also addressing a local unmet need or solution to social problems for the community’s constituents and its stakeholders. Projects also address the personal and community barriers that must be overcome to help individuals with low incomes become self-sufficient. (e.g., transportation, childcare, education/training, language, etc.) Projects can use funds for costs associated with social enterprise start-up or expansion activities, as well as technical assistance and incubator services to these businesses. Projects must be located in geographic areas with a demonstrated need for social enterprise, such as a county designated as having persistent poverty. Up to six experienced non-profit CDCs who have successfully provided technical and financial assistance to social enterprise businesses within their communities will receive awards. CED will consider geographic distribution to ensure projects are located across the country when making awards. CDC projects targeting rural communities with high rates of poverty, unemployment, and substance abuse will receive bonus points on their application.