IBIO is collaborating with TEConomy and other partners across the country to assess the most pressing talent needs and workforce dynamics of our industry. This real-time data is extremely valuable for Illinois and the Midwest as we work with legislators, academic institutions, and other stakeholders to make certain we are developing the right talent to address our industry’s critical workforce needs.


We are asking all decision-makers and key employers in our life sciences community to complete this brief (~20 minute) survey by no later than February 28, 2023. Your responses will be confidential and only reported in aggregate with responses from other bioscience companies. We would only like to include your company name in a list of responding companies in the report.


The data will be included in a 2023 iBIO Regional Life Sciences Workforce Brief and as part of a national report of the Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes (CSBI), both of which will be released at BIO next June. The national report will inform a National Life Science Talent Summit later that month at the National Academies of Science with industry, academic and governmental representatives.


Access Hiring Survey here: 


Thank you for participating in this important data collection for Illinois and the Midwest’s life science industry!