We need our elected leaders to lower patients’ out-of-pocket cost for innovative prescription drugs.

Unfortunately, Congress is considering radical government price setting policies.  If enacted, these provisions would:

  • Drastically limit patient access to vital medicines and therapies that are needed to treat rare diseases, cancer, and other devastating diseases.
  • Disrupt the doctor-patient relationship by empowering bureaucrats to get between patients and the medicines they need; and
  • Do nothing to lower what most seniors and patients are forced to pay for prescription drugs.

Patients need real solutions for lowering drug costs, not bad policies that jeopardize patient access to life-saving medicines.

  • According to an analysis by Vital Transformation, there would have been 61 fewer treatments developed over 10 years if H.R. 3 were law today.
  • Even Congress’s own budget experts warned that the bill will lead to fewer treatments being developed in the coming years.

Please contact your Members of Congress today. Tell them to oppose policies that will allow bureaucrats to come between patients and their doctors. Urge them to support solutions like creating a patient out-of-pocket cap in Part D – solutions that will lower what people pay for life-saving medicines.

Act now to ensure all patients can get the cures and treatments they need.