MassBioEd’s BioTalent continued learning program offers a wide range of professional development options. Persons new to the life sciences industry benefit greatly from our flagship leadership and management trainings and Biotech 101 courses. Mid-stage professionals can deepen their expertise with project management or presentation skills training. More senior professionals can enhance their leadership acumen with intensive workshops on team building, strategic planning and problem solving.

Held in person and online, these sessions are tailored to ensure quality content and maximize teacher-student interaction. Courses offering business and soft skills, such as project management, communications, and leadership are held year-round.

Through the partnership, iBIO members can access the MassBioEd’s Professional Training Courses at the MassBio Member Price.

Check out the Course Catalog:

The Accelerated Leadership Program provides leaders with critical leadership competencies to accelerate their performance in leading life sciences companies. Specifically, the course will focus on leaders’ capabilities in the areas of strategic planning and decision making, influence, collaboration, and executive presence. The skills associated with the program, when mastered, can enable significant and strategic impact for a leader and their contributions to an organization. MassBio Member – $990 / Non-Member – $1,110

Building & Managing a High Performing Team is intended to help leaders at all levels in the biotech and biopharma industries improve how well they participate in and lead teams. The course focuses on principles that enhance leaders’ collaboration skills and help them to better model effective collaboration for others. Participants will consider how to address some of the typical dysfunctions and challenges that can diminish a team’s effectiveness. MassBio Member – $1,140 / Non-Member – $1,260

Leading in a Hybrid Environment provides leaders in the life sciences with the skills and knowledge to successfully lead their teams and organizations in a hybrid work environment. The sessions focus on the best practices that enable high performance, engagement, and strategic alignment for their employees. Participants learn how to adapt their leadership and people management to the unique demands of employees working both remotely and in the office. MassBio Member – $825 / Non-Member – $945

Transitioning to Leader provides participants with a clear understanding of the leader-manager they aim to be and the essential skills and strategies to get them there. Approaches to effective communication and how to foster collaboration among teams (both remotely and in-person) are discussed. Participants will also learn the fundamentals for interviewing, hiring, and more. MassBio Member – $825 / Non-Member – $945

Presenting with Persuasion, Clarity & Strength provides professionals with key skills to comfortably speak in a clear and confident manner. Whether presenting internally or externally, telling your story effectively, delivering meaningful messages, being persuasive, and speaking confidently in a variety of settings takes skill development and practice. The course is taught with role playing and exercises. MassBio Member – $650 / Non-Member – $775

English Coaching For Non-Native Speakers offers coaching for life sciences professionals for whom English is not a native language. The course provides in-depth training on ways to become more confident communicating inside and outside of the workplace. Classes incorporate key soft skills using role plays of common workplace situations that take students out of their comfort zones. Session are scheduled on an individual basis with the instructor. 6 Private Online Sessions: $750

Biotechnology Project Management examines critical aspects of project management, including an overview of the drug development process and regulatory agencies. Participants learn to use tools and strategies for working in a team environment to analyze risk, allocate resources, track projects, resolve conflicts, make decisions, and manage teams. Experiential learning labs, class participation, and real-world examples are used to maximize educational impact. MassBio Member – $1,680 / Non-Member – $1,900

Science of Biotech 101 is designed for the non-scientist. The class acts as a survey of the basic biological processes that are foundational to the biopharma and life sciences industry. Participants will apply their new understanding of basic cell and molecular biology to the work of life sciences companies that research and develop therapies and products to improve lives, enhance agriculture, and decrease the dependence on fossil fuels. MassBio Member – $625 / Non-Member – $825

Business of Biotech 101 explores the business considerations that drive company strategies. Students will be provided with foundational information about the BioPharma industry and regulation via instruction, storytelling, and breakout group discussions. Industry ethics will be discussed, with emphasis on historical precedents. The course touches on topics such as market share, phases of development, patient population, and safety profile. A high-level overview of Research and Development, including pre-clinical through market approval will also reviewed. MassBio Member – $625 / Non-Member – $825

Business of Biotech 201: From Molecule to Market, R&D And Regulatory Considerationsbuilds on the business overview of the “Business of Biotech 101” course. This course delivers an outline of clinical, regulatory, and quality considerations and practices. Attendees will be provided foundational information about the Biopharma industry and regulations via instruction, storytelling, and breakout group discussions. Applied industry ethics will be discussed with emphasis on historical precedents. The course will explore the decision-making process by touching on relevant topics such as market share and phases of development. MassBio Member – $625 / Non-Member – $825