The upcoming iBIO showcase on June 1st is set to feature a lineup of presentations from some of the most prominent names in the healthcare industry. Among the notable presenters are Genentech, American Cancer Society, UI Cancer Center, and Tempus, all of which will share valuable insights and strategies to improve clinical trial representation in Illinois.

A new report by IQVIA found that clinical trial diversity in 2022 fell to its lowest level in 10 years. That report found that on average, Black and Hispanic patient inclusion in mid- and late-stage clinical trials declined over the past decade without ever meeting levels proportional with national demographics.

Black participant inclusion, meanwhile, plummeted over four years, with 81% of the U.S. Census demographic levels represented in clinical trials in 2018 compared to 43% in 2022.

Clinical trials are crucial in advancing medical breakthroughs, and these presentations will highlight their importance in the healthcare industry. By exploring the challenges of clinical trial representation and ways to improve it, attendees will gain in-depth knowledge that could lead to more diverse and representative clinical research.

IBIO will start the hour by discussing the current state of clinical trials in Illinois and the iBIO working group’s recent legislation to address some of the barriers to representation. Genentech is set to unveil its latest achievements in the field of clinical trials, sharing how the company has been working to increase trial participation and success rates. On the other hand, UI Cancer Center will discuss its recent initiatives to improve cancer treatment and care through its network of clinical investigators and physicians. Finally, Tempus will provide a unique perspective on leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics to streamline clinical trials and improve outcomes.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network and gain knowledge from some of the healthcare industry’s most innovative and successful companies. Register for the iBIO showcase today!