Chicago-based ImmersiveTouch Inc. has announced a major breakthrough in medical technology with FDA 510(k) clearance for its augmented reality (AR) surgical platform, ImmersiveAR™. This innovative system is set to transform operating room procedures by bringing precision-enhanced visualization directly to surgeons.

Revolutionizing Surgical Visualization

ImmersiveAR represents a significant leap forward in surgical technology. By allowing surgeons to visualize and interact with 3D virtual surgical plans in real-time during procedures, the platform offers an unprecedented level of precision and control. This advancement builds upon ImmersiveTouch’s existing suite of AI-powered virtual surgical planning tools, which have already made substantial improvements in areas such as craniomaxillofacial (CMF) surgeries.

Key Benefits of ImmersiveAR:

1. Enhanced Visualization: Surgeons can now view complex patient anatomy in 3D, overlaid directly in the operating room environment.
2. Improved Surgical Planning: The system allows for more accurate pre-operative planning and intra-operative guidance.
3. Reduced Complications: By enabling surgeons to foresee potential issues, the technology aims to minimize errors and complications.
4. Time and Cost Efficiency: ImmersiveAR can significantly reduce pre-operative planning time and potentially shorten surgical procedures.

Expert Endorsement

Dr. David Hirsch, MD, DDS, Senior Vice President of Dental Medicine at Northwell Health, emphasized the technology’s impact: “This virtual reality and augmented reality imaging provides remarkably detailed images of a patient’s anatomy, helping us foresee complications and reduce both planning and surgical time, resulting in a safer patient experience with fewer complications.”

A New Era in Surgical Technology

Jay Banerjee, CEO of Chicago-based ImmersiveTouch, highlighted the transformative nature of the platform: “ImmersiveAR brings a new frontier in intraoperative 3D visualization. The surgical field has long relied on traditional two-dimensional imaging technology to navigate complex patient anatomy. Our platform introduces advanced holographic visualization to transform how surgeons plan and perform procedures.”

Looking Ahead

With FDA clearance secured, ImmersiveTouch is poised to begin immediate commercialization of ImmersiveAR in the United States. This milestone follows a period of significant growth for the Chicago-based company, including strategic partnerships and increasing adoption in leading hospitals. Having already served over 4,000 patients, ImmersiveTouch is demonstrating its potential to reshape the landscape of surgical care.

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