The Illinois Biotechnology Innovation Organization (iBIO) today announced that John Conrad has been named President & CEO of iBIO and the iBIO Institute.

Having served as the Interim President and CEO of both organizations for the past six months, John will continue overseeing iBIO’s policy strategy and community engagement, entrepreneurship programming and coaching, along with a number of K-12 education programs supported by the iBIO Institute. John began his career at iBIO as the second employee in March of 2003 and has played a key role in building the organization into one of the Midwest region’s top life sciences associations.

“John has been a driving force behind the growth of iBIO’s impactful programs and the development of our member community since the beginning,” said Walt Johnston, Chairman of iBIO and Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Urology and Hospital Business Unit at Astellas Pharma US, Inc. “We are pleased to secure his ongoing leadership at the helm of the organization to further establish the Midwest as a competitive destination for life sciences organizations around the world.”

During his time at iBIO, John has spearheaded a number of pivotal initiatives, tackling some of the toughest issues faced by the industry and working alongside policymakers in Springfield and D.C. to support the vital, innovative role life sciences manufacturers play in developing treatments and cures for some of the most devastating illnesses patients face.

“Members of the life sciences community are hard at work discovering tomorrow’s next life-saving breakthroughs,” said Conrad. “I am truly honored to support their efforts and shine a spotlight on their innovative work that changes lives for the better.”