John Flavin, CEO of Portal Innovations, recently appeared on CNBC’s Fast Money to discuss GLP-1 drugs, early-stage biotech investing, and Portal’s unique investment model.

On the topic of GLP-1 drugs for obesity and diabetes, Flavin noted that while there are already large companies with significant market share in this space, it remains an exciting area with room for innovation. New companies are working to improve upon existing GLP-1 drugs by optimizing dosing profiles and reducing side effects like muscle loss. “It’s a very exciting time,” Flavin said. “Obesity is a $100 billion market worldwide, so it’s very attractive for investment.”

Flavin also highlighted oncology and neurology as promising areas for biotech investment, pointing to recent deals like Pfizer’s acquisition of Biohaven and the FDA approval of Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug. “I think that’s going to open up new activities around brain disease drugs – Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and others,” he said.

When asked about emerging technologies, Flavin expressed excitement about the applications of AI in biotech, especially for speeding up the drug discovery process through simulation. He believes AI can help identify promising drug candidates and optimize clinical trials. “We’re really excited about the convergence of AI and biotech,” Flavin noted. “Although it’s early, the ability to simulate bringing a molecule to a patient before clinical trials could make drug development much more efficient.”

As a leading early-stage biotech investor, Flavin and Portal Innovations are at the forefront of identifying and funding the most promising startups in spaces like GLP-1, oncology, neurology, and AI-powered drug discovery. With its unique model of providing shared wet lab space, capital, and expertise, Portal is helping to translation scientific innovations into successful companies that are transforming medicine.

Watch John Flavin discuss these topics and more here.

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