With just a week to go, the excitement is building for the iBIO Timothy P. Walbert Entrepreneurship Impact Award Competition finals on June 20th at Fulton Market Aberdeen. Six trailblazing companies are set to showcase their groundbreaking innovations in biotech, pharma, and medtech, vying for the coveted $50,000 grand prize. Let’s dive into the visionary solutions these finalists are bringing to the table:

1. Alanis Therapeutics LLC: Revolutionizing organ transplant outcomes with novel immunosuppressive drugs that target immune activation without the side effects of current treatments.

2. Ikaika Therapeutics: Pushing the boundaries of fibrotic treatments with first-in-class anti-fibrotic biologics that are gene mutation agnostic and applicable for all fibrotic patients, especially those with Muscular Dystrophies.

3. Osteogen Technology Corp: Transforming bone implants by developing artificial options that closely mimic real bone, improving osseointegration while preserving key benefits.

4. Rheoxtech: Pioneering cutting-edge treatments for the Acute Myocardial Infarction Market, tackling a group of disease states affecting over 805,000 people in the US annually.

5. Varchas Biotechnologies: Advancing cancer immunotherapy with a novel, highly versatile CAR-T that targets multiple tumor markers, enhancing therapeutic efficacy and flexibility.

6. Wave Therapeutics: Combating pressure injuries with the first affordable and effective soft robotics platform, integrating AI-enabled smart analytics and remote patient monitoring to save lives and reduce care burdens.

The event isn’t just about the grand prize reveal; it’s an unparalleled opportunity to network with industry leaders and esteemed judges, including Michale Liang (InVivium Capital), Nancy Sullivan (Illinois Ventures), Michael Schultz (Portal Innovations), Gerry McCluskey (formerly Horizon), and Ashish Khanna (formerly Aptinyx).

Don’t miss this defining moment in Chicago’s life sciences entrepreneurial landscape. Secure your spot today and be part of the future of healthcare innovation. Register now and witness history in the making!

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