As we all watch for the latest developments on COVID-19, many of us from our homes, its important that we stay connected and updated on factual information as it relates to COVID-19 and our community. Podcasts can be a great source of information and also entertainment but they can also be a source of mis-information.

Here are my recommendations for prime listening podcasts during this time of social distancing. What are you listening to?


COVID-19 Podcasts

Coronavirus 411 podcast provides daily updates, news, alerts, and information regarding the Coronavirus COVID 19. Coronavirus 411 podcast collects Information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) the World Health Organization (WHO) and other news sources. This information is meant to help people stay informed and updated about Coronavirus with just the facts. Listen on Apple & Spotify 

Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction Join CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta for the latest news about the coronavirus. He’ll make sense of the headlines, speak with the experts and give you all the information you need to stay safe and healthy. Listen on Apple & Spotify

Coronavirus Daily by NPR. This is a new daily podcast by NPR about the coronavirus pandemic, covering all dimensions of the story from science to economics and politics as well as society and culture. Hosted by Kelly McEvers from Embedded. Approximately 10 minutes in length. Publishing weekday afternoons. Includes stories and interviews from NPR’s Science, International, National, Business and Washington reporting teams, as well as station reporters, and the crews at Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Listen on Apple & Spotify


Life Sciences Podcasts

I AM BIO Podcast This is the only podcast at the intersection of biotechnology, politics, patients and the planet. We spotlight next-generation breakthroughs, the people they help, the global problems they solve and politicians with the power to fast-track a better future or mess it all up. Hosted by former Congressman Jim GreenwoodListen on Apple & Spotify

The Long Run with Luke Timmerman. Join Luke Timmerman for in-depth, thought provoking conversations with biotech newsmakers pursing these great opportunities of the 21st century. Listen on Apple & Timmerman Report Website 

The Readout LOUD. STAT’s weekly biotech podcast, breaking down the latest news, digging deep into industry goings-on, and giving you a preview of the week to come. Listen on Apple & STAT Website

Nature Biotechnology’s First Rounders podcast is a series of conversations with founders, financers and developers from biotech’s past, present and future. Listen on Apple


Entertaining/News Podcasts

Science Vs There are a lot of fads, blogs and strong opinions, but then there’s SCIENCE. Science Vs is the show from Gimlet Media that finds out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between. We do the hard work of sifting through all the science so you don’t have to.. Listen on Apple & Spotify

Life Is Short with Justin Long: Interview with Billy Nye: Bill Nye talks to Justin about the coronavirus, how he got his ‘science guy’ persona, and why bowties are superior to straight ties. Listen to the episode on Apple & Spotify

Science Rules! with Bill Nye Bill Nye is on a mission to change the world— one phone call at a time. He’ll tackle your curliest questions on just about anything in the universe. Give him a call! Perhaps you’ve wondered: Should I stop eating cheeseburgers to combat climate change? How often should I really be washing my pillowcase? Can I harvest energy from all those static-electricity shocks I get in the winter? With a little help from his co-host Corey S. Powell, field experts, and special celebrity guests, Bill will answer those questions and convince you that science rules! Listen on Apple & Spotify

Crain’s Daily Gist Get a head start on tomorrow during your commute home today. Listen to our roundup of essential Chicago headlines and analysis from Crain’s reporters and host Amy Guth. Listen on Apple & Spotify