Rhaeos has developed FlowSense, a noninvasive wearable platform technology initially targeting hydrocephalus, a life threatening neurological condition characterized by excess fluid on the brain, that affects over 1M Americans today. This $2B/yr problem is treated with neurosurgically implanted shunts that drain the fluid, but fail half of the time. CT and Xrays are used for diagnosis, but are often inconclusive and expose patients to radiation. There is no easy, inexpensive way to monitor shunts until now. Rhaeos is developing FlowSense, a bandage sized sensor that is applied on the skin over shunt to assess flow within minutes in the hospital and home. The device has the potential to reduce hospital readmissions, unnecessary testing, and more. ¬†Clinical work has been published in Science and Nature family journals. This FDA breakthrough designated Class II device is supported by a multidisciplinary team with over 20 years’ of start up experience and multiple FDA medical device approvals. With >$2M in funding to date, Rhaeos is on track to launch their first device next year with a growing pipeline in other areas of bodily flow that will enable them to be a leading medical wearables company.

Company website- www.rhaeos.com