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BIO Business Solutions partner, Scientist.com, has launched a Covid-19 clinical trials tracker and has made it available to everyone at no cost.

Scientist.com is an online marketplace for outsourced scientific services and products, offering researchers access to a platform with thousands of pre-qualified suppliers providing custom research services. iBIO Members receive discounted fees to access Scientist.com’s platform. iBIO Members receive discounted fees to access Scientist.com’s platform. 

Trial Insights was created to ease the burden on clinical researchers and pharmaceutical executives who have simple questions about drugs, targets, and biomarkers used in clinical trials but no easy or cost-effective way to get answers. The software integrates data from multiple public web resources – including ClinicalTrials.gov and World Health Organization- to allow aggregate analysis and reporting of clinical trial activity for any disease, drug, or sponsor.

Check the COVID-19 Trial Insights: http://bit.ly/2QcRJtw