Xeris announced a collaboration and licensing agreement with Beta Bionics. The agreement involves developing and commercializing a glucagon product using Xeris’ XeriSol™ technology for Beta Bionics’ proprietary bi-hormonal pump system for diabetes management.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Beta Bionics as the exclusive provider of the glucagon component for their groundbreaking dual-hormone pump,” said Xeris Chairman and CEO Paul R. Edick. “We’ll be working swiftly to support Beta Bionics in this crucial development program.”

“Glucagon acts like the brakes in a car, regulating blood sugar alongside insulin, which is like the gas pedal,” explained Beta Bionics CEO Sean Saint. “For a long time, Beta Bionics has believed that a bi-hormonal glucose control system offers significant advantages over insulin alone. This partnership with Xeris allows us to take a major step towards bringing this system to market.”

The licensing agreement offers Xeris potential development payments along with royalties on future sales of the glucagon product for Beta Bionics’ pumps.

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