iBIO, a leader in STEM education initiatives, is supporting Wake Forest University on a research project exploring how programs promoting either health or science can benefit children. This collaborative effort will take place in Colorado and leverage iBIO’s successful STEM Kit program.

iBIO’s STEM Kits Take the Spotlight

Launched in January 2021, iBIO’s STEM Kit program was initially designed to bridge educational gaps caused by COVID-19 school closures. The program’s effectiveness has transformed it into a valuable resource for families and afterschool programs across the Chicago area.

Designed for Interactive Learning

Geared towards students in grades 3-8, iBIO STEM Kits provide hands-on learning experiences in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Positive feedback extends even to kindergartners who find the activities engaging.

The program has demonstrably benefited underserved communities. Over 15,000 STEM Kits have been distributed to support practical exploration, with collaborations like the Frida Community Organization, Mirati Therapeutics, Astellas, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Chicago Public Schools. Additionally, iBIO partnered with Abbott and North Chicago Community Partners to bring STEM Kits to North Chicago afterschool programs.

Comprehensive Kits for Budding Scientists and Engineers

Each STEM Kit provides everything needed for a specific activity: materials, clear instructions (available in both English and Spanish), profiles of inspiring STEM professionals (“STEM Heroes”), and access to instructional videos. These kits encourage children to explore diverse STEM fields through practical engineering projects.

Learn More About iBIO’s STEM Initiatives

Please visit our STEM Kits website for more information about iBIO and our impactful STEM Kit program.