BIO Business Solutions® negotiates significant, volume-based discounts and favorable terms on products and services with more than 16 leading suppliers

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Through its partnership with the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), the international organization representing the biotechnology industry, iBIO offers its members the opportunity to take advantage of the Business Solutions® programs. With more than $870 million in annual sales, BIO Business Solutions® aggregates the purchasing power of over 4,500 biotech companies from North America. Companies of all sizes save substantially each year through its group savings program. Last year iBIO Members saved over $3 Million using the Business Solutions Program.

We have been using the BIO Business Solutions® program for many years. We are using programs for things like office supplies and lab supplies and the savings come out to about $200k a year. That’s money we’ve been able to invest right back into our research so BIO Business Solutions® has definitely been a great choice for us.

Dave Lawrence

CBO, Acorda Therapeutics

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Last year an iBIO Member Company with 10 employees saved over $100,000 on lab supplies and equipment alone.

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