A recent workforce trends report supported by iBIO highlights the impressive growth of the biosciences industry in Illinois. This report is based on data collected from member surveys and interviews about current and future hiring needs and analyzing Illinois job postings. The findings demonstrate that the biosciences sector in Illinois is thriving, resulting in a noteworthy increase in job postings.

The report reveals that since 2019, the number of biosciences job postings in Illinois has increased by 50%. This growth rate is significantly higher than the national level. Furthermore, Illinois has a higher percentage of bioscience-related job postings compared to total job postings compared to the national average.

According to the report, the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries are the leaders in job postings in Illinois and account for most biosciences job posts. The number of job postings for the pharmaceutical industry in Illinois has increased by an astounding 91%. In comparison, the number of job postings for the medical device industry has increased by 8% over this period. The robust growth in these two industries reflects the significant investments in the state’s biosciences infrastructure and programs supporting the sector’s expansion.

The biosciences industry has an outsized concentration and demand for skilled STEM talent with postsecondary education and training credentials. For instance, 45% of job postings require a bachelor’s degree, 22% require a master’s degree or Ph.D., and 21% require a high school or associate’s degree (12% of job postings did not list a degree requirement).

The biosciences industry plays a crucial role in driving economic development and innovation, which is an essential component of Illinois’ economy. The increase in job postings is a significant indicator of this growth and reflects the numerous opportunities in this exciting field. Illinois’s biosciences sector provides many excellent career prospects for recent graduates and experienced professionals, making it a sought-after industry. Ultimately, the future looks promising for the biosciences industry in Illinois, and its continued growth will undoubtedly serve as a driving force in the state’s economic progress.

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