10/6/2023 Op-Ed
John Conrad, president and CEO, Illinois Biotechnology Innovation Organization

Companies often talk about making a difference, but few are willing to commit the time, talent and treasure needed to create change. On behalf of the Illinois life sciences community, I want to thank Tim Walbert and the whole team at Horizon for being leaders of change for nearly two decades. I’m grateful for your commitment to make a difference for patients, your support of the startup community and dedication to transforming the local biopharmaceutical ecosystem.

Driven by Tim Walbert’s personal story, Horizon has prioritized its commitment to giving back and making a real difference in patient’s lives. Horizon has helped countless individuals and families navigate life’s toughest challenges by researching, developing and commercializing innovative medicines, supporting patient advocacy efforts and providing support for patients throughout their journey. Horizon’s unwavering dedication to giving back has created a culture of compassion and kindness that has impacted the global rare disease community.

Horizon has shown that a commitment to improving the world can be just as powerful as a commitment to business success. Our ecosystem would not be where it is today without Horizon’s leadership in supporting disaster relief efforts, STEAM education for underserved communities, local economic development and empowering local change agents. Horizon supports over 30 organizations and initiatives in Illinois, including efforts to increase board diversity and cultivate women entrepreneurs and leaders.

We are excited to announce that this commitment to our ecosystem and entrepreneurship legacy will continue to live on through an endowment for iBIO’s annual Timothy P. Walbert Entrepreneurship Impact Award. Starting in 2024 this annual award will recognize an outstanding entrepreneur in our ecosystem and provide a sizable award for their startup.

This level of commitment to the local community is rare and will have a cumulative investment effect on the award winner, our community and patients.

Horizon is a shining example of what it means to make a lasting impact.  Horizon and its founder, Tim Walbert, leave a legacy that will continue to inspire and uplift patients, new leaders and our entire local ecosystem for generations to come.