iBIO and BIO are known for our advocacy efforts and our work to build the community, but we also operate the largest cost-savings program for the life since industry, the BIO Business Solutions Program. iBIO, BIO and members of other BIO affiliates participating in the partnership have built a customer base of 4,500 companies with a total annual spend of $640 million, exceeding almost every standalone company’s overall purchasing. Members participating in the program last year saved more than $511 million on lab and office essentials.

Whether you are operating a lab or law firm, the program offered cost savings on the services and supplies you order on a regular basis.

“We are using programs for things like office supplies and lab supplies and the savings come out to about $200k a year. That’s money we’ve been able to invest right back into our research so BIO Business Solutions has definitely been a great choice for us” – Dave Lawrence, CBO, Acorda Therapeutics

View the 2020 Cost Savings Program Brochure Below, or visit our Business Solutions Page.