iBIO commends Governor Pritzker for signing HB 2259 – Drug Therapeutic Advisory Board-Expands Membership-Biological Products.

Approximately 30 million Americans suffer from one of nearly 7,000 rare diseases. Of those 7,000 diseases only 5% have treatments which are often complex and require supervision by specially-trained, expert physicians and practitioners. Proper diagnosis, timely treatment and appropriate access to approved therapies is critical for individuals living with a rare disease, and ultimately is essential for cost effective treatment and management.

New, innovative treatments provide a significant, durable benefit and value for patient health outcomes, delivery of care, and overall healthcare spending. These therapies are aimed at serious and rare diseases where patients often have limited treatment options.

HB2259 serves to provide additional expertise and insight during the Medicaid review process if Medicaid proposes to limit access to medicines more restrictive than the FDA label providing for a more robust review of uncommon disease-states as novel products and therapies enter the marketplace.

Thank you to Representative Sara Feigenholtz for her leadership in introducing this important patient-focused legislation.