The  response to the March 23rd launch of the iBIO COVID-19 PPE Response Fund has been enthusiastic and heartwarming. Every Monday, we will provide an update on the impact of the Illinois life sciences community and others who are offering their support to our state’s frontline heroes.

To date we have sourced and donated over 130,000 pieces of protective equipment and more than 200,000 supplies needed for COVID-19 diagnostic and testing.

iBIO COVID-19 PPE Response Fund
Donations and Purchases
Last Updated: May 4, 2020

Monetary donations: $1,069,877
Items purchased to date with monetary donations:

  • Goggles: 3,080
  • Protective Clothing: 13,740
  • Gloves: 93,100
  • Surgical Masks: 14,930
  • Testing Swabs: 41,200
  • IR Thermometers: 550

Product donations

  • N95 Masks: 3,620
  • Surgical Masks: 2,430
  • Sanitizer: 2,430
  • Testing Viral Transport Medium: 125,000

To learn more and to make a monetary or unused-medical-product donation, please visit the
iBIO COVD-19 PPE Response Fund.